About AYCE studio

AYCE studio was founded by Grace for her love of her sighthound dog Ayla and the need to have functional yet stylish dog accessories that make your everyday walk a lot more fun.

Influences from nature and city life mark the identity of AYCE studio. These influences are combined into modern, resilient and stylish items.

AYCE studio is for those that want to shift from boring pet store items to hand-made stylish items. It is for those that want to be different and are not shy to show it. It is for those that are proud to show off how stylish their dog looks.

Style is a way for us to show our creative side.
To tell a story.

Be your own storyteller and be proud.

Let's get personal

My name is Grace, the founder of AYCE studio. I live together with my boyfriend and our lovely dog Ayla in the Netherlands.

Ayla is the muse behind the brand and the main reason why I started AYCE studio. I never really explored my creative side, until I brought home Ayla. She made me step out of my comfort zone and I explored the world of sewing and crafting.

It is such a beautiful journey and I love to learn new techniques, work with all sorts of materials and meet likeminded people!