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A lead (or leash) is an essential tool for guiding and controlling... 



A collar is a fundamental accessory that serves multiple purposes for your... 

Your everyday essentials

Walking through the city has never been more fashionable with your pup. The variety of our four beautiful colours are made to match with your style.

Always crafted with care and quality materials.

  • Quality

    Long lasting, durable and stylish? We got you. We use quality materials so you can sit back and enjoy your newly accessoires. Every product is thoughtfully designed and created with care.

  • Passion

    Passion fuels our brand, infusing every creation with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. It's the driving force behind our commitment to quality and innovation, influencing the creation of designs that connect with those who embrace our passion and values.

  • Lifestyle

    We place importance on blending stylish dog accessories into your lifestyle. Plain does not exist in our vocabulary. You are at the right place if you’re looking for minimalistic designs with influences from nature and city life.

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